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For Christmas, my brother and I got my parents tickets to the UConn-Baylor women’s basketball game. Meanwhile, Colin and I were going to work the game – him as a student assistant in the Baylor athletic communications department and me as the women’s basketball beat writer for the Waco Trib.

And boy, what a game we got to watch!

While I was writing my game story, trying to hustle to meet my deadline, I started thinking about the last time I had seen Baylor host UConn and then hustled to write a game story immediately following the contest.

It happened back in 2011, yes one of the games in Baylor’s 40-0 national championship season. It was the only other time UConn has come to Waco, and I was a junior at the time.

That year, the sports director at the New York Times sent an email to the Baylor Lariat email asking to get in contact with me. If you know me, the fact that my first thought was that I did something wrong would not surprise you at all.

I emailed him back around 6 p.m. that night and didn’t hear back from him until I checked my phone the next morning.

The Times had a blog and wanted coverage on the Lady Bears, feeling that season would be a special one. So, they asked me to write pieces on Baylor women’s basketball for them that year. I also wrote up a story on Robert Griffin III when he won the Heisman.

Funny how God works things out. Eight years ago, I was a junior in college and super pumped that I had the opportunity to write for the New York Times. Fast-forward to present day and He’s placed me back in the town I’ve wanted to call home since the eighth grade.

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