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It’s that time of year when people like to look back on the previous 12 months as the arrival of a brand new year approaches. For me, this time is divided in half between my personal life and what I’ve done at work.

The annual newspaper awards don’t come out until March(ish), but now is the time that we gather what we think are our best pieces from the last year and submit them. Going back through all of my work over the past year, I was reminded of the things I’ve seen and the places I’ve gone.

I covered a full Baylor Lady Bear basketball season for the first time since my junior year of college. It was a season that brought more trophies to the trophy case and provided me the ability to tell some really fun stories.

Then in the spring came the hectic, more like frantic, chase of all the playoffs in the different high school sports. May was a blur with track, tennis and golf before June’s state baseball tournament.

With some time off in July, August came full force with the beginning of the 2018 football season. The start of preseason practice seems like it happened yesterday and a bazillion years ago all at the same time.

This was my second full football season here in Waco, but the first that I felt more comfortable since I had the 2017 season under my belt.

And that brings us to December, as I am back to work after a week off for Christmas that began the day after La Vega won its second state football championship in school history.

I documented what a weekend looks like for me earlier this month on my Instagram stories.

While compiling my favorite stories that I’ve written this year, I decided I’d share them with you here:

And there are a few videos to add to the list:

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