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Last week we had our annual Trib Photo Day out at Waco ISD Stadium. All (at least as many as we can get there) of our local football teams come out, and we take their headshots, some feature shots and do video interviews.

We also have them fill out a questionnaire. Like the video above, these questionnaires are straight goofy. One of the coaches asked my editor who came up with these questions this year. Brice, apparently, shook his head and said, “Krista,” with a laugh.

One of my questions was, “If you could make a cameo on any TV show, which one would it be?”

I was outside running the video interviews. Brice was inside. A few minutes into the photo day, one of the guys walked up to Brice and asked, “What’s a cameo?”

But he didn’t say it like CAM-E-O. Instead, he said CUH-MAYO.

Naturally, Brice thought he was talking about a Camaro before the kid read the sentence. After that kid asked, at least five more asked what a CAM-E-O, or CUH-MAYO, was.

All of this to say – if you could make a CAM-E-O, or CUH-MAYO, in a TV show, what would it be? Mine, obviously, would be Gilmore Girls. Leave your answers in the comments!

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