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I love soundtracks.

Even before Christmas ended, the songs I love to listen to weeks before Thanksgiving happens weren’t played as often in the days leading up to Christmas. Instead, the soundtrack from The Greatest Showman blared throughout my living room from my Amazon Echo Dot.

When I lived in New York for a semester, my favorite Broadway shows were Newsies and Cinderella. This song from Newsies plays through my head when I have a big article to write.

But when I think back to my time in the city, the music that plays in the background of my memories is Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience. That entire album was downloaded to my phone so I could listen to it underground on the subway. It matched the tempo of my steps walking the mile it took to walk from the subway stop to the office.

My trip to London senior year of high school comes back in an instant when Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” comes on because that’s what my group danced to in the New Year’s Day Parade. Or P!nk’s “So What” because on of the guys on the trip instantly yelled, “That’s my jam!” when he heard it on the boat that took us for a quick trip on the Thames.

And anytime Mulan‘s “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” comes on, I’m immediately taken back to the round table by the computer in the dining hall at Sky Ranch where me and my co-counselors reenacted that part of the movie while trying to eat at the same time.

Soundtracks, at least to me, are important. They add an extra dimension to things. Imagine La La Land without the extraordinary score that went along with it. Or Star Wars without the “Empire Theme Song.” What else would we play when the opposing team is announced at games?

While music, to me, can easily recall memories, Refit dance moves and get me ready for playing a game (like Skillet’s “Rebirthing” that played when my basketball team senior year ran out), it also permeates my soul. Which is why I’ve learned to be a bit more careful with what I’m listening to.

Growing up, my parents didn’t let me listen to much Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys or anything like that. Instead, they found Christian artists with the same sound for me to listen to (Stacie Orrico fan for life). Of course, this wasn’t much of a rule for when Colin came around. *Cough, cough younger child.*

I’m not saying turn away from the pop radio station because it’s playing the devil’s music. I’m not Mrs. Kim, Lane’s mom in Gilmore Girls.

What I am saying is that music can be so much more than something playing in the background while you’re getting ready for the day or what you sing at the top of your lungs in your car.

It can also fill you with some truth.

Which brings me to a song I found today. Lauren Daigle has a new song out called, “You Say.” And people, this is the perfect anthem for my soul right now.

So, if your life was made into a movie right now, what songs would make up your soundtrack?


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