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Well, Mark always tells us to be flexible.

In the middle of our morning camp, Lucas walked up to Cody to tell him that Adrian’s dad – the man who trains search and rescue dogs – was going to do a demonstration with one of his German Shepherds.

The day was getting a bit long, and the kids were going a bit crazy in their different drills, so the break really came at the right time for us. The kids all sat down and watched as the dog obeyed different commands. Then, the man asked the kids to get in line so the dog could serpentine in between them. That was the fastest those kids lined up all week.

The man and the dog weaved in and out of that line of giddy kids that stretched from one baseline to the other. While I stood off to the side to take some pictures, Lucas told me that the dog would mainly be used to find people after natural disasters.

While the dog didn’t make it out to Serracines for the afternoon camp, Matt did a demonstration with his super sweet ball spinny (sorry that’s not even close to a real word) tricks. Today was our last camp out in Serracines as we help with the Gigantes camp tomorrow afternoon somewhere in this area. I’m still not sure yet, but remember, the key word here is flexible.

Tomorrow we wrap up camp with the morning group before some of the moms cook us an authentic Spanish lunch. The only authentic food we’ve eaten came tonight when one of the dads at the camp walked up with a recyclable grocery bag with a Spanish tortilla and a baguette.

Apparently, Spanish tortillas are mostly eggs with some salt and potatoes inside. Not the tortillas we get with our meals at Rosa’s. But we all agreed it was the best food we’d had all week long. We’re really looking forward to what they cook up for us tomorrow afternoon.

While we’re excited about that, it’s safe to say that we are all super pumped to go to the U20 basketball game between Spain and Ukraine. Both teams are staying in the hotel. The Ukraine team is staying on our floor. They already played each other tonight. Ukraine won. One of the Spain coaches was stomping around the lobby when we got back from Serracines.

Kendall tried to talk to one of the Ukraine players in the elevator about their win. He didn’t speak English. The conversation didn’t go too well for Kendall.

We finished supper at the same time as the Spain team. They told us Ukraine hit a buzzer beater 3-pointer to win the game. When they got on the elevator with us, they had to bend over so the didn’t whack their heads on the ceiling.

One of them, who currently plays at Maryland, encouraged us in the work we’re doing this week after he asked us about Hoops for Hope.

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