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We’ve all done it.

Somewhere with a ball in hand and a basket in sight, we’ve imagined that our team is down by a point. And as we count down from three, we make a few moves before putting up what we hope will be the game winning shot.

Like Arike Ogunbowale for Notre Dame who sunk not one, but two buzzer beaters – one in the Final Four and the second in the national championship game to win the title for the Irish.

Imagine what goes through your mind when you envision yourself draining the game winning bucket. You have a glimpse of what these kids feel when they sink a shot when we do a drill called “Last Second Hero.”

The kids line up in the corner of the baseline. Once they throw the ball to a coach at half court, someone counts down from three. The kid has to put up a shot before time runs out. And if they make it, all the coaches run up and celebrate with them.

That’s what we did today for the first time here and Spain. And it was awesome.

Just the look of pure happiness of their faces while everyone cheers for them, it’s something special.

We did that drill in both the morning and evening camps along with the other things we did the day before. Something I haven’t mentioned yet is that each team is technically a color. Each coach hands out a specific colored wristband to the people on his or her team. Then, the kids come up with a name for their team.

My teams are yellow. My morning group named themselves the Bananas. So just imagine all these little voices breaking out a huddle to, “BANANAS!!!”

Each coach has seen a lot of improvement with their kids. It’s especially evident when we do contests. We do a handful of contests each day – like lane slides, free throws, cone layups, etc. – and we write down how many of each drill they do each day. Across the board, all the totals are higher than they were yesterday, which is what we like to see.

Both camps went rather smoothly today. A few of us are losing our voices, so please pray that we will make it through the rest of the week without completely losing our voices.

Tonight after dinner – it’s 12:43 a.m. here in Spain currently and we just got back from eating ice cream. Two of our translators, Enrique and Adrian, invited us to go out and get ice cream after we had dinner. So around 11:15 p.m., we set off down the street with them to an ice cream place that, if I understood correctly, is owned by Adrian’s family.

That ice cream was good. They don’t scoop it into cups. They have like a flat utensil and they almost scrape it into the cups. They pack those things full of ice cream. It’s almost like how gelato is served, except that it’s not gelato.

We ate ice cream and talked until the place closed at midnight and then walked outside to the square where we found Adrian’s parents. They are very nice.

They have two German Shepherds that are very well trained. Adrian’s father helps train dogs for police work.

Once we all got back to the hotel and stepped off on our floor, we realized that it’s already July 4 for us! We want to do something to celebrate but aren’t sure what we’ll do just yet.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

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