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Walking through the gym for the second cap of the day should have been a sign. Trophies lined the walls of the entry way at the gym we used in Serracines, a town about 25 minutes away from where we are staying in Torrejón.

Cody, who has been on multiple Hoops for Hope trips in different countries, put it perfectly when he spoke to that particular camp. He said that the kids in that afternoon camp where the best he’s ever seen. And he was right.

The gym we used is similar to a city league. Their coach unlocks the doors for us and he huddled up all the kids before the second camp to talk to them.

Matt has the oldest boys group. I’m pretty sure they’re responsible for some of those trophies in the entryway. And they’re really good.

Rebecca and I run the passing station. We just told those guys to do different passes for a little bit before we started playing some games. I asked them for some Magic Johnson passes and the immediately started passing the ball behind their backs.

The second camp ran a lot more smoothly than the first camp of the day today. We got off to a late start for the first camp – just because people seemed to just keep walking into the park for that camp. So because we got a bit of a late start, we ended late. Kids left before we ended because their parents were there to pick them up. Most of the kids stayed, though, so they were able to hear the word Cody told them about finding their purpose.

As far as everything else besides basketball, things are going well here. Chase is still a rockstar with her Spanish speaking. Matt is still putting us to shame with his basketball skills. Rebecca is great with the younger kids and connecting with them. Amanda, her coaching is definitely showing up here in Spain. The kids love her stations. Kendall, like Rebecca, is doing a great job doing these camps and walking around the town without complaining. Kendall injured his Achilles and is in a boot. Rebecca hurt her knee and is in a brace. At night, they get Chase to ask someone for a bag of ice and they end up with plenty to share. And Caleb is doing a good job with his group of kids in both camps. I think he has the younger boys and he does a rest job of keeping them all together. And then Cody is doing a really good job of keeping things going and making sure everything is working how they’re supposed to.

Our hotel is really nice. We eat all of our meals there. One of the translators isn’t originally from here. When he asked Kendall what he thought of the food and Kendall said it was bland, the man replied, “Yes, thank you!” So far, we have had pasta, fish or chicken for lunch or supper. Tonight we had mashed potatoes and were all super pumped for that. Breakfast is scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and pastries. Although when I lifted the metal thing looking for bacon, I was met with beans. I was definitely not ready for that.

As far as the translators for camp, we pretty much have a translator for every group, so that has been an answered prayer.

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