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I don’t have any comprehension of time. AKA jet lag.

But not all of it is jet lag. The locals just have different customs. The sun doesn’t set over here until around 10-10:30 at night. So the fact that our supper isn’t scheduled until 10:30 p.m. each day isn’t weird. That’s just how they do things over here. They eat up all the time in the sun.

We went to set up all of our stuff for the second camp that we will have each week. We have our first camp out in a park at 10am, and the second doesn’t start until 6pm. The second is inside a gym with an adjacent court outside. We are expecting to have around 60 kids in each of the camps. We blew up all of the basketballs (each kid will take one home at the end of camp) and then did a quick run through of how things will go down tomorrow.

We went to the park where the first camp will be held and watched some locals play some pickup basketball. Caleb got to play and ended up making the game winning shot. He blows it off like it’s no big deal, though.

Lucas, our host, calls him “Baby Caleb,” although Caleb comes out call-ib for him. One of the local couples that goes to Lucas’s church has a baby named Caleb. While he played three on three, the rest of us played P-I-G on another court. Rebecca got us all when she started pulling out her trick shots like – OK, dribble around Krista, get blocked by Kendall and then make the layup. So many of us missed those shots because we laughed so hard while we did them.

I haven’t really introduced y’all to the rest of my team yet. Cody is the lead coach. He will run the whole camp. He calls himself the ring master. Cue The Greatest Showman. Matt is the second lead coach, as in if anything happens to Cody, he’s the dude. Matt does some super cool tricks with the basketball which will have the kids in awe. Caleb, as I said, is the youngest. He is a student at Stephen F. Austin. He jokes that he should just tell people he goes to Baylor because they get confused about SFA. Kendall is in the boot. He’s a seminary student in Kentucky. When Lucas tries to remember our names, he says – Baby, Caleb. Bible, Kendall. – Then it’s Bank, Chase. She’s been clutch for us since she speaks Spanish really well. When we need anything, she is there to help us be able to communicate. Then there’s Amanda. She’s a basketball coach currently moving from Belton to the Ft. Worth area. And Rebecca is an elementary school teacher at China Spring. She will be helping me during the camp, so I can break off and take pictures when I need to (yes, I am my father’s daughter).

While we ended the day setting up our camps, we started the day at the church Lucas preaches at. It’s in the basement of the hotel. We sang all the songs in Spanish, and then when Lucas got up to preach from Philippians 3, one of the local women translated for him. She is originally from the U.S.

From there we walked around Torrejón a little bit. We found, what I think, is the town square. People were eating lunch in local restaurants and we got to see inside an old church.

After lunch, we asked around about where the best place to watch the World Cup was.

Spain played Russia at 4pm, so we found a local place to go watch. The game definitely did not end the way we wanted it to.

Side note, I thought I dreamed this but it really happened. People were celebrating in the middle of town last night (probably after one of the soccer games). Right by our hotel is a fountain with dolphins in it and the Spain flag flying up above. Apparently, after Spain won the World Cup a few years ago, people gathered around (and some in) the fountain to celebrate.

We were so hoping to be able to see the entire town celebrate a World Cup win. Instead, Russia won in PKs. And immediately once the game was over, the TV was turned off and people abruptly left.

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