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My brother officially has his Baylor ID, his first semester schedule (only one class on Friday the lucky duck) and is currently off to Independence while at Line Camp. Fellow Bears, you all know how special that Independence trip is.

Independence is where Baylor began, the oldest university in the great state of Texas.

And one night at Line Camp (where incoming freshman hang out for a few days on campus to get even more excited about coming to Baylor), after loading charter buses for the nearly two hour drive down to Independence, the freshmen line up single file and walk one by one through the archway under the four columns at Old Baylor Park, where Baylor opened its doors in 1846.

Once you cross through, you receive your line jersey – the most hallowed of jerseys.

When I chose Baylor, I had never been to a football game. I knew I wanted to go there when we had cheer camp at Baylor my freshman year of high school. I had just watched the women’s basketball team win the national championship and really wanted to go to that school.

Fast forward a year and a half, and I came to Baylor for a Switchfoot concert and to see one of my friends who was a freshman here at the time. I remember getting back to the hotel room around 2 a.m., bursting through the door and begging my mom to graduate high school early.

From that point on, it was BAYLOR – BAYLOR- BAYLOR.

I remember when I got accepted. I was in the computer lab during my BCIS class. As the only senior in the room, the teacher let me look around and apply for scholarships during the class time.

One day in the fall, I pulled up my GoBaylor account and saw one of the Baylor marquee signs with the words, “Krista, you’re accepted!”

I quickly printed out the page and asked to go down the hall because I had something very, very important to tell my mom. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I knocked on her back classroom door to share the news. And then we immediately called my dad on the phone in the hallway.

It was a big deal.

When my brother got accepted, he and one of his friends and my parents were eating lunch at Fuzzy’s in Amarillo. We had been waiting and waiting for some type of news. His friends going to places like Texas A&M and Texas Tech had already heard.

I had just gotten home from a Saturday morning at the office when I checked my Twitter and saw all the Baylor accepted tweets. I quickly called him and told him to check his GoBaylor account. Not long after, I got a FaceTime call from him.

He was OFFICIALLY coming to Baylor.


Now he gets to run the line at football games and heckle the opposing team from behind their bench. He gets to experience midnight kolache runs, Christmas on 5th, Dia Del Oso, ZZZ Kool-Aid parties and so many more things that if I tried to fit into this post, you would quit reading.

So, Baylor friends, what is some advice you would give incoming freshmen?

Also, girls live in Penland now. Weird.

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