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The World Cup begins today. And I want to be excited about it. I really do.

But I’m not.

At least, not yet.

To me, soccer was just a sport I played every Saturday morning in the fall. I didn’t like being goalie because I got bored just standing there. I loved running all over the place, aka being around the soccer ball as much as possible. Better yet, the Kool-Aid that came in the plastic squeeze bottles that had the little thing on the top that you had to take off first. Yeah, that was the real MVP.

When I was eight, the US women’s national team won the World Cup. That’s right, when Brandi Chastain took off her jersey top and celebrated in her sports bra. That’s when I became obsessed with Mia Hamm.

My family and I went to Grapevine that summer, I believe, and I bought a Mia Hamm jersey t-shirt. It’s sewn onto a t-shirt quilt my Mammaw made me in junior high from all my favorite shirts I had grown out of.

Besides rocking my sweet t-shirt and doing a book report on Michelle Akers’ book, The Game and the Glory, I didn’t keep up with soccer all that much. Until my dad coached my brother when it was his turn to play on Saturday mornings and drink the Kool-Aid.

And this is the story I tell whenever someone asks me if my brother plays any sports – during one of his games, Colin was the goalie. One of his friends was on the other team and was dribbling toward Colin. Keep in mind, my brother was a lil’ nugget at this time. He may not have been in kindergarten yet. He was definitely younger than third grade.

Anyway, so his friend is coming toward him, and Colin moves to the side, leaving the goal wide open. He wanted his friend to score a goal.

Ergo, I got ALL of the competitive genes. Colin got none.

So that’s it. All of my soccer-ness, that’s not a word. Well, except for my obsession with She’s the Man.

Obvoiusly, I watched the World Cup when the US women won a few years ago.

But now, the US men didn’t even qualify.

Do I pull for Spain since I’ll be going there soon? Do I pull for England because London is my favorite place? Do I pull for France because my favorite Mary-Kate and Ashley movie was in Paris?

Actually, now I’m thinking I should determine my World Cup allegiance strictly by Mary-Kate and Ashley movies. Sadly, I’m more serious about this last statement than I probably should be. And aren’t sports writers supposed to be more knowledgeable about things like this? Whoops.

So if you’re watching the World Cup, who are you rooting for? Let me know by leaving your team in the comments section. And if you have any advice on how to get obsessed with the World Cup for the next month, let me know!

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