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Have y’all heard of the 4 THINGS tote?

I stumbled upon this on one of my mindless scrolls through Instagram. Finding it toward the end of April, it was the perfect time to get one for my mom for Mother’s Day and another for my best friend with her birthday in the middle of May.

And shoot, if I was already going to get two, why not get three so I could get one myself?

What you do is go on over to and write the four things you want on your tote. Y’all, that is easier said than done.

Mine says: Coffee. Sarcasm. The beach. Gilmore Girls.
I can’t function without coffee. I’m absolutely fluent in sarcasm – I was so proud when my brother was named “Most Sarcastic” of his senior class. Obviously, I’ve taught him well. I love relaxing at the beach with a good book. And I quote Gilmore Girls daily. I’m still unsure what I think about the reboot, but we can talk about that later.

My mom’s was: Math. Star Wars. Mexican food. 1/2 & 1/2 iced tea.

My friend;s was: Wine. Orcas. Traveling. St. Louis Cardinals.
That last thing pained me to write. I still hate David Freese and will forever. Also, Nelson Cruz, USE TWO HANDS TO CATCH THE BALL.

Today is Day 13 of 100 Days to Brave with the focus on liking what you like, not altering what you like in order to be accepted.

So here are my favorite things. I tried to somehow turn them into my favorite song from The Sound of Music. But it was terrible.

Favorite books

  1. To Kill A Mockingbird
  2. Firefly Lane
  3. Anything by Melanie Benjamin

Favorite things to bingewatch

  1. Hallmark movies (Um, we will FOR SURE cover the Christmas movies at a later date).
    1. Once Upon A Prince
    2. A Royal Winter
    3. Autumn Dreams
  2. Movie/movies
    1. Wizard of Oz
    2. She’s the Man
    3. Princess Diaries
  3. Places
    1. The beach
    2. Central Park
    3. London
  4. Food
    1. Cupcakes
    2. Fajitas
    3. Steak and a baked potato
  5. Musicians
    1. Michael Jackson (Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough)
    2. Kelly Clarkson (Walk Away)
    3. Bruno Mars (Perm)

So, what are your favorite things? Leave them in the comments below 🙂


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